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Why Catba & Blueswimmer

Having been traveling and guiding people for the last 15yrs in the area, I have seen how fast Halong Bay has been pursuing unsustainable development and wholesale commercial tourism. The bay is now over-used by nearly 200 mega “5-star” junks, which weave everyday through the well-worn mass tourism routes of the once emerald waters of the Tonkin Gulf. However,...(Read more... )

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Our Green Activities

The Blueswimmer try and do our best to help preserve the magic of Cat Ba and surrounding areas.

  • All our activities are as carbon neutral as you can get, with your own body power propelling you through sea, jungles or up cliff faces. Kayaking, sailing, climbing and mountain biking - great for the environment and a hell of a lot of fun!
  • We only use our engines on the boats in case of calm sea, timing, emergency or customer’s demand such as power on boat.
  • We compost all our organic waste and use that yummy compost in our BlueSwimmer veggie garden. Those yummy veggies and herbs then get used in our trip meals.
  • We minimise the amount of packaging on everything we purchase.
  • We recycle all our bottles, cans, paper etc.
  • We use electronic formats rather printing fancy brochures or posting out advertisements, saving heaps of trees in the process.
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We, at BlueSwimmer Adventure (BSA), aim to provide low-impact experiences for people who enjoy being close to nature and immersing themselves fully in the environment. Those looking for 5-star spas or Club Med-style entertainment will probably be disappointed...or see the error in their ways...
"Nurture Mother Nature and she will nurture us"